Krishnakanth Alagiri (KK)@K-Kraken
👨‍💻 Open source enthusiast
☕️ Latte-driven.
CSE Undergrad @ SVCE
  @SVCE-ACM @axenhammer   [email protected]   [email protected]    Chennai, India    Available for hire


Pixel Portfolio Webite
A Nintendo inspired lightweight, device friendly single-page portfolio website built with HTML and CSS 🌏
  CSS   5   0
Universal Sign Language Translator
AI model built using KNN Image Classifiers and Computer Vision to combat the differences between various Country’s sign languages and responds to them using your camera
  Python   5   3
Remote CMD
Establish a Terminal session to a computer from another computer that's connected to the same network or to the Internet.
  Python   0   0
Inspired by the Marvel Super Villan "Thanos". Randomly Deletes half of your files (Decimation on your files)
  Python   5   1
The Truck Rally Game
A 2D game made using the discontinued Borland Turbo C++ compiler during my class 12th
  C++98   1   0
Review Analysis
A tool that can listen to social media comments and intelligently associate feedback for a given product.
  Python   5   0
A small set of tools that'll normalize and extract values from unstructured text messages using concepts of NLP.
  Python   5   1
Media Library Organiser
🍿 Organising and bulk renaming media library made easy with Python and imDB (Essential for xbmc, plex etc.)
  Python   25   0
A Decmber of Algorithm (2018)
Hosted SVCE-ACM's A Decmber of Algorithm (2018). An online event with over 100+ Participant where an algorithm is posted everyday for Participants to complete and submit. Participants recieved certificates upon Successful completion.
  Python   25   75
Connect 4
Connect Four (also known as 4-in-a-row) is an exciting two-player puzzle connection game recreated with PyGame and Python.
  Python   1   0