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Hello! I am Krishnakanth Alagiri

I'm a seasoned Software Engineer with a demonstrated experience in working with a wide variety of technologies. I take a more creative and conceptual approach to solve any problem. My team-building and collaboration skills help me grow with people around me.

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Things that I like.

Here are a few things that I cherish personally

Krishnakanth - Competition


I always had an innate pleasure for a good contest. This is why I enjoyed hacks and running a club. They've always urged to outgrow me and when I grow, my community grows with me.

Krishnakanth - Community

The Bro Code.

To me a “bro” is any person who shares the same vision, helps you out in situation (small or big) and someone who’ll have your back. By my definition, we’re all “bros”.

Krishnakanth - Contribution


Collaborations are the way to help other people. No surprise that I've always admired a healthy competitive atmosphere so I help everyone grow just to see the best in them.

Work Experience

Software Engineer (Wiley Associate)

Morgan Stanley

July, 2021 - Present
  • As a Full-Time Consultant for Morgan Stanley, I work with technology partners to adopt new technologies (Cloud, Kubernetes) and implement appropriate security controls.
  • Operating under the Enterprise Security Platforms (ESP) team within DART (DevOps, Architecture, Research and Tooling) chapter to develop foundational solutions that bridge cloud-native environments with core on-premise solutions.

Research and Development Intern


Dec, 2020 - July, 2021
  • Worked under the Data Office
  • Researched and conceptualized a distributed ontology system for legal documents using federated learning and natural language processing techniques to manage legal instruments among businesses and third-party vendors without risking privacy.
  • Developed distributed systems for stylistic interventions in distressing Images to reduce the emotional impact on content moderators.

Cloud Engineer Intern

Scholarly Science

May, 2020 - June, 2020
  • Built and deployed various docker containers to Kubernetes pods, each running React, Flask, and TensorFlow applications.
  • Standardized the usage of cloud services and load balancers to reduce the server runtime cost over 16%.
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline connecting Gitlab, Docker, Jenkins, and PyTest for a complete automated delivery cycle.

Program Lead

Bhumi NGO: Tech4Change 

July, 2019 - Dec, 2019
  • Tech4Change is an initiative to engineer solutions and provide technical counsel to charitable organisations.
  • Coordinated a 6-member team that built tools and counseled NGOs to blend technology into their operational strategy.
  • Managed the monitoring and alerting of deployed production servers using the Cloud Watch service.

Software Engineer Intern

Bhumi NGO

June, 2019 - July, 2019
  • Engineered a cloud-native Donation Platform and a Crowd-Sourcing Platform for graphic designers within the organization.
  • Steered the migration to AWS from multiple legacy on-premise systems within the organization.


Finalist at Smart India Hackathon (2020)

AICTE, Government of India

August, 2020

Nominated as a National finalist for Smart India Hackathon (2020) under RK59 by Bureau of Police Research & Development

First Place at Smart Finance Hackathon

Daksh, SASTRA University

February, 2020

Our Offline Digital Payment System was awarded first place by PayPal in Smart Finance Hackathon - Daksh, a 30-hour Hackathon Conducted by SASTRA University .

Third Place at Hack and Tackle 1.0

SSN College of Engineering

Feburary, 2019

Our model for Psychological Analysis Of Text Messages was awarded third place in Hack and Tackle 1.0, a 24-hour Hackathon Conducted by IEEE Student Branch of SSN College of Engineering with 1200+ participants.

Third Place at St. Peter's Hack

 St. Peter's College of Engineering and Technology 

March, 2019

Our Report Analysis System was awarded in St. Peter’s Hack, a 12-hour Hackathon Conducted by St. Peter's College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai.


Lead Instructor – Programming and Data Structures

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Aug, 2019 - Feb, 2021

I was assigned to combat a lack of technical diversity within my college by running weekly classes for students from all departments across the college to increase their knowledge on Programming and Data Structures.


SVCE ACM Student Chapter

June, 2020 - June, 2021

I had the overall responsibility for developing chapter programs, for ensuring that plans and assignments are carried out, and for seeing that the chapter fulfills its obligations to the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Membership Chair

SVCE ACM Student Chapter

June, 2019 - June, 2020

A membership chairperson develops, sustains and leads change related to the student chapter. Researching similar courses in like-minded organizations and coordinating events form a part of the administrative duties of the membership chairperson.

School Pupil Leader

Velammal  Vidyalaya

May, 2015 - June, 2016

School Pupil Leader is a prominent representative student responsibility. Acted as a liaison to the students, parents and teachers.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Anna University

2017 - 2021

Course Work: Programming and Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Operating Systems and Kernels, Computer Architecture, Internet Programming, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Mobile Computing, Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Databases and Management Systems, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence

Higher Secondary

Velammal Vidyalaya, CBSE

2015 - 2017

Stream: Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science

Things I know

Programming Languages

Krishnakanth - Python  Krishnakanth - Java  Krishnakanth - JavaScript  Krishnakanth - HTML5 Krishnakanth - CSS3 Krishnakanth - PHP Krishnakanth - C++ Krishnakanth - Linux/GNU Bash 

Tools, Libraries and Frameworks

Krishnakanth - Docker  Krishnakanth - Kubernetes  Krishnakanth - Jenkins  Krishnakanth - TravisCI  Krishnakanth - Spring  Krishnakanth - SciKit-Learn  Krishnakanth - Pandas  Krishnakanth - NumPy  Krishnakanth - PyTorch  Krishnakanth - Tensorflow  Krishnakanth - OpenCV  Krishnakanth - PyTest  Krishnakanth - Selenium  Krishnakanth - Apache Spark  Krishnakanth - Flask  Krishnakanth - FastAPI Framework  Krishnakanth - Grafana  Krishnakanth - Git  Krishnakanth - AWS 


Krishnakanth - MySQL  Krishnakanth - MongoDB Krishnakanth - InfluxDB   Krishnakanth - CouchDB 

Feature Works

Krishnakanth - Deep Learning Based File Encryption Technique
Deep Learning Based File Encryption Technique

Developed a system to encrypt any file into an image using a Deep Convolutional GAN (DCGAN) to hide the image into real-world-like generated images. Performed decryption with dynamic model latent space as a key.

Krishnakanth - Cyber Offense Detecting and Reporting (CODAR) Framework
Cyber Offense Detecting and Reporting (CODAR) Framework

Automated internet moderation using text toxicity prediction (BERT) and obscene image classification (fine-tuned RESNET50) with 88% and 91% accuracy respectively. Synthesized a dataset of 330,000 images for image classification.

Krishnakanth - Offline Digital Payments
Offline Digital Payments

Conceptualized the usage of Closed Blockchain networks with close proximity communications to enable offline transactions while complying with RBI e-transaction standards (such as 2FA). Primarily intended for disaster affected and rural regions.

Krishnakanth - Resource and Event Management System (REMS)
Resource and Event Management System (REMS)

An unified system for certificate generation and distribution, volume mailing, advanced form generation, mailing lists, monitor databases and a link shortener for small organisations/clubs.

Krishnakanth - Linguistic Sign Language Translator
Linguistic Sign Language Translator

Built a translator using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to classify signs with over 86% accuracy. The application was able to understand the variations among different national and regional sign languages dialects through crowd-sourcing.

Krishnakanth - Psychological Analysis Of Text Messages
Psychological Analysis Of Text Messages

Compiled and forecasted the emotional changes against a series of text messages using Multi-class Sentiment Analysis with BERT.

Krishnakanth - Dynamic Key Cryptographic Unit
File Encryption using Dynamic Keys

Encrypt files for transmission using Dynamic Encryption between transactions for a high resistance against known cryptanalysis attacks.

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